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Art Opening Layout

“Detour” is underway. I plan to complete all of the hand-drawn scenes by the end of the 2011-12 school year.
One of the weird things about laying out this film is that I am using 4:3 paper for a 16:9 film. Old supplies, waste not want not. However, conversion is really tricky. Thank goodness for Photoshop.
1920x1080p is 26.667×15 in inches. The paper I have is not that long. In fact it isn’t even made. Animation artist create their films digitally now. yet, I just love paper, and I have it, so I am using it. Call me old fashioned. So, what I’ve done is reduced the ratio by half (13.333×7.5) and tweak everything else in Photoshop.
I came across a few snags in After Effects though. The characters are not hooking up with the BG very well, which sucks after all the time I spent on scale and perspective. I don’t believe the time is wasted, though, because foot placement is nailed thanks to those funny little lines that race towards their respective vanishing points.
There are other problems with the BG as well, but it’s an easy fixed, which had already been fixed. This BG is a combination of two galleries: The Diego Rivera and the Walter McBean galleries on the campus of the SFAI. The camera is going to run into the wall as it weaves through the crowd, so I am knocking down that wall that leads to the L-shape annex. No, it does not exist in reality, but filmmakers are allowed poetic license.

More about the installation at the end of the week when I layout the crowd.


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