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Art Opening Parallax

First of all, shame on me for not using a slate. Vince would surely slap my hand. I was so exhausted from all the rendering so I could see the results that I simply forgot. One day I will have a computer powerful enough to generate a decent RAM preview. Yet, despite the scene being a bit wonky, you can see where I am going to with this opening. Despite the need for corrections on the Maloni and the Beaumonde layers in the background which should not be moving so much, this scene pretty much turned out the way I wanted it to.
Parallax is a funny thing. It’s keeps your dolly’s and pans from looking mechanical, but the effort to create it is tricky.
The method is simple but there are trip ups. When creating a parallax in After Effects you position the layers in the top orthographic view so that they are spread apart in a distance respective to one another. Then you rescale the layers back up to full size again. Doing so should create a perfect funnel shape for the camera to move through, but that didn’t happen here.
I figure perhaps it’s because the layouts were not cropped perfectly to 1080p, but that can’t be it because the elements in my teacher’s tutorial were different sizes. I composited the scenes in Photoshop just like I always do when preparing layouts for Illustrator so everything is hooked up, but still the Maloni and Beaumonda layers are still mis-sized for the aspect ratio. I’ll figure it out. The worse that can happen is that I’ll have to shoot the scene in Flash instead.
I am really excited to use to the cast of HipChick Comics in this film. I just have to remember to use a Fleischer line on them instead of my personal ink line. I’ve been sort of doing that with them in the vector promos of the cast, but Fleischer’s style is still different. How would the Fleischer’s design Nami and the other Asian character’s eyes? I think will leave them the same shape but be sure to include the pie pan irises. We’ll see. Regardless, this scene is going to be a lot of fun to clean up 🙂


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