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The Pig Lady Trailer

Hi Eric.
I built a set in Maya for your canned ham trailer. You can either use an adjust for your reel or take artistic license and use a really eerie pan for the reveal. It’s up to you. The set up you have on your most recent daily does the job, but it’s not very cinematic. Push yourself. The shows you will be working will be more sophisticated and will use camera moves. Learn to layout camera moves in school. Not on the job. I still have battle scars of this annoying, dyslexia inducing learning arc of laying scenes out for a moving camera.

Note: the staging on the maya sets aren’t correct. Your staging is fine. 3/4 is one of the tenets of storyboarding. The maya screen captures are for reference; where things are, what is in a trailer and the proximity of everything within the trailer.


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