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VFX, Kai and Marketplace

Dear Kai and Marketplace,

do you think you’ll ever produce a feature on the fate of the visual effects industry? Life if Pi just bankrupted one of the last VFX studios in LA and Mr. Lucas sold his VFX company, Lucasfilm, to Disney partly because VFX as a business no longer pays enough to keep the lights on. Furthermore, there are thousands of students paying upwards of $80,000 to learn the skills for VFX, but our jobs just got shipped to Taiwan and Canada. This trend would be a good theme on the cost of training in college only to fall into debt graduates can’t pay back due to outsourcing. I call for student loan forgiveness if the U.S. does no do something and soon! Would you please consider a feature on this subject?



Ashanti Miller

San Francisco KQED Public Radio 88.5

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