The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Animation Seminar at The Center Las Vegas

I taught an animation seminar at the Gay and Lesbian Center of Las Vegas last week. A good time was had by all. I learned that I can hold the attention of a room full of people in a teaching context and the kids received valuable information about the best art colleges on the West Coast–if not the country. It was great fun. I can’t wait for the master class!

Drawing Lola broke the ice of course. Thank you, Easter Bunny. Cal Arts, USC, Art Center and Otis-Parsons. You can’t go wrong with a commercial art degree from these fabulous schools!

Here’s a short video someone took with an iPhone. However I do wish they had caught my Rape of Persephone lecture. I told the class how it is the basis of all little girl lost stories. It was the perfect response to a student’s statement of how Howl’s Moving Castle is such a story and it may resonate with her, because, like Sophie and Persephone–a girl can not come out of her shell or grow up unless she leaves her mother’s influence and although subsequent she doesn’t have to be raped, but the girl is mentored by an older mysterious male.

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