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Ashanti Miller is a hybrid hand-drawn, digital and compositor with an 18 year history in the animation industry. She has worked for such studios as Warner Bros., Walt Disney Feature Animation, Spumco and the Sesame Workshop. Ashanti’s genres are the preschool and college markets. The whimsy of pre-school employs her painterly worlds of innocence and the college projects ignites her liberal arts philosophies that enrich her contributions to the stories of action-adventure and music.

Style is important to her. Lyrical and bold styles spanning from the Impressionists to the Post-Modernism drives Ashanti’s central aesthetic. When it comes to characters, her style has been observed as having influences of Toulouse Lautrec, Chuck Jones, Max Fleischer, Les Abrams and Wendy Pini. Although, this is Ashanti;s personal style for illustration, it does not mean she is inflexible. Ashanti can be as gritty as Frank Miller and as simple and childlike as Mary Blair. What is the antithesis of Ashanti’s range is the primetime comedy styles of Matt Groenig and Seth Mc Farlane. She can appreciate them as an audience member, particularly the former, but not as an artist working on the show. Styles associated with blue humor are also not within her range.

Ashanti would like to revive the art of the public service announcement, short subject and music video to mainstream media and television. Music videos and interstitials are rare now, which is unfortunate for music is an important motif that unifies a story. The public service announcement (PSA) is also a rare sighting in the current age. PSA’s and interstitials enhance the viewing experience and on a business standpoint, keeps an audience loyal to a particular network. Television should not be exhausting to watch, but with the onslaught of amateur commercials on cable television, viewing a show is difficult. Interstitials, shorts and PSA’s make watching Saturday morning cartoons an experience, an event. It would be terrific if networks invested the money to revive this format. With the advent of desktop film production, this can be a reality. Ashanti has made PSA’s for the Sesame Workshop and two personal music videos through her freelance entity Animatress. For her third effort, the B52s’Detour Thru Your Mind, she will actually have a crew under her developing non-profit, the FilmArts Collective. This will be the first time, Ashanti will be a director, and she sacredly-excited about the venture!

Ashanti prefers to live in San Francisco, but is willing to travel for short term projects such her tenure at the Sesame Workshop. Her specialty is pre-production and animation filmmaking. With advances in communication such as Adobe Office and Skype, she is perfectly capable of performing her job off-site as well as on. When one has eighteen years of experience there is little need for close supervision. However, key meetings are best met in person, so travel is not an issue.

To view Ashanti’s work please visit the navigation tabs on this site where you will find her entire repertoire. Enjoy the site. Animatress looks forward to collaborating with you.

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