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HipChick Comics is my pet project. I try out new ideas and solidify learned techniques through this opus. One of the best ways of memorizing a technique that is learned in the industry is to apply it to personal work. HipChick Comics is also my way of working in my genre or metier which is female characters. Female characters are rare in the film industry, but women creators and characters are prominent in literature, so channel my energies here.
Eventually, I will bring the property into the realm of motion graphics in an effort to merge the two disciplines of film and print. Many recruiters have no idea that I am very good at action adventure and fantasy and capable of more complex character designs. When I tell them to visit my comics site, they don’t make the effort. Therefore, a marriage of film and print must take take place. That’s alright. I always wanted to know what the opening of my own television show would look like as well as the marketing.
The influences for HipChick are varied and at times all too apparent. Primarily gleaned from the 80’s, the style is a mix of classic Hollywood in the character’s faces, 60’s fashion illustration and graphic design, and 80’s fantasy references, namely Elf Quest, Heavy Metal Magazine and then magazine illustrators like Patrick Nagel and Antonio Lopez.
I pretty much spend my weekend evening in book and record stores and absorb design ideas. Border Books and Music  and Tower records were my church and temple. How I miss them. Thank goodness for people watching in cafes. Use them while you can for Millennials prefer to eat in front of their games consoles instead leaving the cave. Thank goodness we have art to preserve begone life styles!

Work In Progress I am taking a different approach to the midpoint of the Superficial, Superficial Sabbatical. In lieu of sequential art, I am implementing the layout of mythology anthologies to the tell the story. This suits the tale well, for their isn’t much action in Superficial Sabbatical, the story is more wonder based in it’s environments and character designs. It’s character development that transitions from the gods being embroiled in their own politics to their mentorship of mortals in the coming tales of KlashkTse and Jasian Genetic.
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